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IV THERAPY NAD+ Coctail administered at Miami Primary Health Wellness and Aesthetics

Our NAD+ injection is for anyone looking for a convenient, effective way to boost energy, improve mental clarity, reduce inflammation, and optimize longevity. NAD+ can be especially helpful for people looking to recover from illnesses.


Price $150

Duration: 30 min

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is an essential component of all cells of the body that is directly involved in the body’s metabolic processes that allow the body to function normally as it should. NAD IV therapy helps control cellular activities like how the body converts food substances to energy, how cells react to changes and the repairs that occur at cellular levels.

One of the benefits of NAD IV infusion involves direct delivery of a form (an active form) into the bloodstream. Studies have shown that NAD+ therapy boosts organ function and immunity, protects against DNA damage and cancers, and enhances longevity through its anti-aging properties.

Some of the benefits of NAD IV Therapy include:

NAD IV Therapy FAQ

How Long Does the Infusion Take?

Typically, the duration for NAD intravenous infusion depends on the reason for the treatment. NAD IV benefits vary among people receiving it based on personal and health composition.

The duration often lasts about 2-10 days with Addiction recovery and chronic degenerative diseases requiring a longer time.

Are There Any Side Effects Of NAD Infusions?

NAD intravenous infusions are generally safe and not known to have any serious side effects. However, it is an invasive procedure that involves direct entry into the bloodstream and this might come with its complication. Common side effects often experienced include nausea, abdominal cramping, and soreness over the injection site.

NAD IV injection benefits often come without these side effects. Standard facilities well equipped with skilled staff as seen at St Andrews Medical Center ensure that the procedure goes smoothly without any complications.

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