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IV THERAPY IMMUNITY Coctail administered at Miami Primary Health Wellness and Aesthetics

The basic Immunity shortens the duration of illness by boosting the immune system.

Vitamin C helps to eliminate the pathogenic bacteria building up in your body during illness. Vitamin C also helps to protect the body from airborne illnesses while traveling. While vitamin C is combating infection and free-radicals, Zinc helps to repress dormant microbes in your body. IV doses of vitamin C and Zinc have been clinically proven to shorten recovery time and prevent future infections.


We recommend our IMMUNITY IV when you have:

• Compromised immune systems
• Chronic fatigue
• Mental fog
• Low energy
• Dry skin
• Cold and Flu

Price: $150

Duration: 30 min

We recommended to have your IMMUNITY IV  2x a month during peak cold and flu seasons, before and after traveling, or onset of a cold

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